10 Reasons to Shoot Landscape Photography

Ok, I more than 10 reasons. Here are 20 reasons to shoot landscape photography.

I have always enjoyed shooting Landscape Photography. For me, being a New York City Photographer, the distinction between landscape and cityscape can cross boundaries. There are many landscape photographs that can be taken a beautiful parks in NYC. How about Central Park, Prospect Park, Brooklyn and Bronx Botanical Gardens. Are these cityscapes or landscapes or both. My thought is that  they are great places and eventually who cares about classifications!

Here are the 20 reasons:

  1. There is always beauty to be found in nature.
  2. The subject does not have to be posed – You pose yourself around the subject.
  3. Do not have to worry about people smiling.
  4. Do not have to be concerned with make-up and clothing.
  5. You never get a shot with “red-eye”.
  6. Do not have to be subject to peoples moods.
  7. You can work by yourself, you do not have to depend on anybody else.
  8. You enjoying walking and wondering around in beautiful environments.
  9. Everyone enjoys a beautiful landscape photograph.
  10. You enjoy it when people say “what a beautiful sunset”.
  11. You enjoy it when people say “another sunset”?
  12. Landscapes and nature encourage a sense of peace and serenity.
  13. You find it incredible how disorganized nature is but everything seems to naturally fit together in a unified way.
  14. Do not have to clone out a rock or tree because it’s in the wrong place.
  15. Do not need a studio.
  16. You do not need to carry around a backdrop.
  17. Do not need studio lighting.
  18. You generally only have to carry around one lens.
  19. Focusing is simple using the hyperfocal distance. Every shot is “sharp”!
  20. It’s fun!

Please send me some of your reasons for shooting Landscape Photography that can be posted.

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